Many thanks to Colleen for the donation of two Scrabble games.  Thank you!

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It looks like Microsoft is killing Live Spaces, so I’m moving this enterprise to WordPress.  Hopefully it won’t take me too long to figure out what’s what.

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Bela Lugosi’s Dead

The count returns.  I want counting to be quick and as accurate as possible and 961560 is a big number.  So what to do?  Build a counting machine!  Below is a very not glamorous video showing my work in progress.  Hopefully when I’m done building it, I will replace the video with something a little brighter, less shaky and better narrated.  Where is Bela Lugosi when you need him?
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Divide and Conquer

I just got another 1581 tiles in the mail, 1581 tiles that need to be sorted.  A person might ask "How long would that take?" or "How would you even do that?"  The how long is pretty easy.  It will take me a couple of hours if I’m not trying to do something else at the same time, like watching TV, or my day job.  Then there is the how.  Sometime in the future I will build a robot monkey to sort all of these for me, but for now I am sorting them by hand.  Trying to sort a big pile of letters into 26 bins right off is crazy-making, so I don’t do that.  What I do is divide the letters into groups that I’ll list below.  I tend to hold the letters to be sorted in gallon-size zip lock bags.  One bag will hold the letters to be sorted and the other two will hold the sorted letters.  OK so here’s the split:
  1. Sort big pile into vowels and consonants
  2. Sort consonants into letters before P and letters P and after
  3. Remove L, M and N from the before P pile
  4. Remove R, S and T from the P and after pile
  5. Sort piles into individual letter bins

OK.  Now I go to work on the robot monkey.

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More Than I Thought

I have some more tiles on the way, so I thought I should take inventory.  I turns out that I have about 6000 more than I thought.  I have an exact count of the 14100 that are already bricked, and a weight approximation of 13917 unbricked tiles for a total of 28017.  That means I only need to crank out another 139 bricks to be caught up.  For the curious, 28017 is about 2.9% of what I need.
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Your Assistance Needed

There are an awful lot of tiles between here and the finished piece and I can use all the help I can get.  If you have tiles to spare, please mail them to the address below.  If you have a few dollars to share for the purchase of tiles, please click on the link to the right.  I am not a non-profit, and your contributions are not tax-deductable, but they are very appreciated.

Kevin Daniel
PO Box 12523
Seattle, WA 98101 

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Thanks to John and Monika of Seattle for their donation of tiles!
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